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Some introduction and application scope of SSC detection

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Some introduction and application scope of SSC detection
Latest company news about Some introduction and application scope of SSC detection

SSC: In the absence of water and H2S, a metal cracking related to corrosion and stress (residual and external) is cracking. Note (SSC is a form of cracked hydrogen stress. He is related to the metal brittleness caused by atomic hydrogen caused by acid corrosion on the metal surface. When the sulfide exists, it will promote the absorption of hydrogen. Reduce metal toughness, increase the sensitivity of cracks, high -strength metal materials and harder welded areas are easy to occur SSC


SSC's chemical source is H2S gas. The essence of SSC is an acidic environment of H2S. When the surface of an easy -to -affected material is in contact with acidic gas, the H2S molecular reaction occurs, forming metal sulfides and hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen atom spreads to the material with the most stress stress. The diffusion and accumulation of hydrogen in the lattice, the surface of the lattice and the crystal reducing the ability of the plastic deformation of the material, causing hydrogen and brimming, making the cracks easier to expand. So SSC is a special case of hydrogen and brittle. Where is there the most chloride ion? The marine environment. Where is H2S acidic gas? Unexpected oil. Where are the two of these two corrosion of SCC and SSC? Underwater oil mining. In the acidic environment of oil, seawater, and H2S, SCC and SSC can form a collaborative threat. The term "environmental crack" is often used in the synergy description of SCC and SSC. It is generally used for pressure vessels such as oil pipelines, flanges, valves, automatic instruments, boilers, liquefied gas tanks, metal and other products.


SSC detection is applicable: generally used for pressure vessels, metal and other products such as oil pipelines, flange, valve, automatic instrument, boiler, liquefied gas tank and other products.

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